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Sew Cool Sewing Machine Does Not Replace a Real Machine

Sewing is a favorite tradition much loved by adults and children alike. When purchasing a sewing machine to teach a child to sew, it is very important to choose one that is going to be safe, long lasting, and easy to use. The company Sew Cool has created a sewing machine that claims to be safer and easier for children so they can learn to sew and boost their confidence in their projects. However, the machine itself is not a “real sewing machine” and has mixed reviews in actually teaching children to sew. It is better for parents or adults teaching their children to sew to purchase a real sewing machine.

The Sew Cool Sewing Machine is a thread-less machine that requires no bobbins, peddling, or winding. The needle is completely encased to make it safer for child use. The kit comes with a special fabric that sticks together without thread and instructions for children to complete 6 different projects. Other fabric/project kits are available to buy separately.

The product is designed for children as young as 6 years old to use safely and get the feel of what it is like to sew. It is battery operated, light-weight, and geared toward girls with the use of pink in the machine and projects.

There are many pros to using the Sew Cool Sewing Machine. It is a very safe product and children can even learn to use it with minimal supervision. The instructions and projects are included and easy-to-follow so kids can learn to make a variety of items. It gives children a feel of what it is like to sew and can boost their confidence and independence.

There are also many cons to using the Sew Cool Sewing Machine. Because the needle is completely encased, it also is not accessible to fix if broken or bent. When the needle becomes unusable, there is no way to mend the machine and it becomes worthless. This is not a good design for children who break things easily. One must be very careful with the needle. Many customers find the needle breaks within just the first month of use. There have also been reviews of battery malfunctions and electrical shorts.

Because there is no thread involved, users must use the special fabric provided in the kit. When the child completes all of those projects, they must then buy more special fabric from the Sew Cool Company, which is expensive. The fabric has been reported as tough to push through, thus making projects frustrating for kids to work on. The kit and projects are all very oriented toward girls, with no gender-neutral options.

Therefore, when teaching children to sew, it is better to give them supervised use with a real sewing machine. Real sewing machines are built to last, have replaceable parts, and give a better feel to children. A portable machine that is a big hit with children is the Janome Hello Kitty 11706. It is cute, portable and very easy to use.